Welcome to my Business Group page

This group meets every month at the function room at Reids, Billericay to work on many areas of our members businesses. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month to focus on everything including marketing, sales, finance, public speaking, strategy, funding, time management and much more.

The half-day meetings run from 9:30am to 1pm. 

Monthly meeting
Business topic discussion
Training on a specific areas
Industry experts
Goal setting
Review of last month’s goals
Business planning
Mastermind discussion 

What’s included in your memebrship
Monthly half-day session including refreshments (as above)
Closed Facebook group for members only
Limited to 15 members
Access to myself and my business experts throughout the month
Mid month goal chase up 

Membership Price
Try for the group free and if you want to join afterwards its Just £45 per month paid via direct debit. No joining fees or extras 

3 months minimum, you can cancel any point after month two by giving us 30 days notice. First payment is a card payment to secure your place then after your first meeting a direct debit will be set up for future payments. 

For a free taster please fill in the form below. 


Further information

Each month we will go around the table and firstly introduce our businesses and ourselves. Each month thereafter, I will encourage everyone to tell us something different about your business to help the members truly understand you and your individual businesses. 

Business topic discussion
We will have a section where I facilitate a group discussion on a specific discussion and as a group we can discuss what has and hasn’t worked for your business.This is a great opportunity for you to learn from your fellow members so you don’t make the same mistakes to help you get to your goals quicker. 

At each session we will be hosting training on a specific subject. The training could be sales training, Facebook ads, GDPR, finance or a variety of subjects. We will discuss as a group what you would like training on to determine future subjects so that you get the most from every session.

The Goal Setting and review 
This section is also vital to help you succeed. Each month everyone will set themselves 3 goals that you want to achieve in the upcoming month. As a group we will hold you responsible to complete these. I will also be checking in mid month with you via, email, phone or Facebook to give you a gentle reminder that these need completing. 

Business Planning
With out a business plan you are not going to get to your goals as quickly as you need to. We will look at creating plans and reviewing to make sure there is no excuse not to get to where you need to be. 

The Mastermind discussion 
At the end of the session is a fantastic segment, this is an open table discussion where you can discuss as a group any issues that you have in your business. There is no better place to help you grow than being surrounded by your fellow business owners.

In conclusion
If you are a brand new business or an established company looking to grow, it’s very hard to do so without a support network around you. Please don’t worry, if you lack confidence or you are not used to this type of group, I have many years of experience running this type of group and I will make sure everyone feels not only comfortable but you get the very most possible out of the group.